Professıonal, Personal Solutıons

Professıonal, Personal Solutıons

Professıonal, Personal SolutıonsProfessıonal, Personal Solutıons



SafeBox: Photo Vault & Cloud


Your personal vault to hide your photos, videos, messages, passwords and contacts with your private password.   

Keep all your photos, videos and messages safe, create private notes and contacts protected by your private PIN passcode, fingerprint touch ID or Face ID. You can save up your phone space with unlimited cloud storage. With SafeBox, all your data is encrypted and protected securely for your privacy. 

Access all your data instantly from any phone with the use of recovery email. Safely search through web with private and secure browser. 

Need more Privacy? Here’s your solution. Change App Icon to protect undesirable eyes away from your personal data. Also, SafeBox offer you a secondary safety password and a third emergency password. With safety password you can create a second home page for safety. When there is someone else searching your phone, safety password will direct to an empty and safe home page in SafeBox. Emergency password is for emergencies, you will be able to delete every file you stored in SafeBox immediately as you enter the emergency code. You will be able to reinstall your deleted files from the cloud when it is convenient. 

Important Features

- Hide your photos and videos 

- Save messages privately

- Unlimited Cloud Storage

- Touch-ID / Face ID Authentication

- Protect your Private Passwords

- Create private contacts and notes

- Secondary Safety Password

- Emergency Password 

- Continuous updates and support for your most secure privacy

Feel Safe with all-in-one private vault SafeBox.